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Lourdes L. Rodriguez Everest University Orlando South ENC 1102 – 168: Professor Shultz Class Week 4- 5 chap 9: argumentative/persuasive essays same-sex marriage When you look at same-sex marriage most people mainly think of is, if it will affect them and how it will. They don’t think of the same-sex couples that want to get married and can’t and how they feel. There are so many conservatives that are united and become united just to oppose same-sex marriage and even civil union. What many people do not realize or just don’t want to be that marriage is NOT a religious matter till you want it to be and make it that way. Getting married is a legal matter; I mean you need to go to the court house to get a marriage LICENSE without this you CAN’T be married legally. You can even get married at the court house just by paying a bit more. So why do people say that same-sex marriage is not right because it is a same-sex couple when they love each other. One should see that encouraging same-sex couples to get married would discourage promiscuity and encourage monogamy and stability. The stability a couple gives from has a stable family and being legally married. If you look at history you see that though at times you argue it, the main goal is see going on is to keep marriage as a heterosexual institution. The meaning is that marriage should be only between a man and a woman. Sometimes marriage is even used for business purposes to make a company bigger or to make more money and at times just for publicity. People even arrange marriages to keep their business alive and kicking or to be able to create a merger through the two people who are getting married. So what many people see is instead of people getting married out of love is people getting married for other reasons, unlike people same-sex couples who love each other so much and want to get married legally and

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