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Conga A more accurate term, used in traditonal sense and most spanish speakers, is tumbadora. The word tumbadora comes from the folkloric style called rumba. There are three different sizes of congas (quinto,conga, tumbadora). Quinto is the smallest, conga the medium size and tumbadora refers to the larger drum. The way you pronounce conga is (Cone-gah), and tumbadora is (Tumb-a-dora). The origins of the tumbadora are from Africa and Cuba. The conga is a drum, that combines african and latino musical style, design and history. The conga is a versatile drum that works with all forms of music. It may be the best of all hand drums to combo because the conga's rich and natural tones harmonize with most any instrument or style of music. Congas are commonly used in cuban, latin and african music. They are also common in Gospel, Blues Rock 'n Roll, and variety of Jazz forms including Be-bop and Jazz-Rock Fussion. The name of the video is "Al son de los cueros" by Sonora Carruseles. The members of the band are Luis Rodriguez, Cristian Cuevas, Harold Palaez, Luis Ruiz, Rodrigo Escobar, Mario Paz, Daniel Marmolejo, Emiliano Torres, Morist Jimenez Jr and Julio Luna. The other instruments that are played in this vidio are Bass, Paino, Timbale, Congas and Bongo. The tempo of the song was fast because it was Salsa. My reaction of the song was postive because then song got my attention which made me like it. In conclusion, congas are instruments that most of the carribean music genres use like for example Salsa, Merengue, Samba etc. Sources - - - - Julian

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