Multiple Intelligence Profile of Cristo Rey Regional High School Essay

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CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION Rationale of the Study Intelligence refers to a general mental capability to reason, to solve problems, to think abstractly, to learn and understand new material, and to profit from past experience. Moreover, this can be measured by many different kinds of tasks. Likewise, this ability is expressed in many aspects of a person’s life. Intelligence draws on a variety of mental processes, including memory, learning, perception, decision-making, thinking, and reasoning (Microsoft Encarta, 2007). The "Theory of Multiple Intelligences," as introduced by Howard Gardner in which argued that the traditional educational model favored verbal and mathematical intelligences, but that every person possessed several types of intelligence, some stronger than others, and that teachers should expand their teaching techniques and content to draw upon these multiple intelligences (Douglas, 2004). The researcher’s had chosen the topic as they had observed in classroom, they noticed that students’ intellectual capacity and interests in learning varies because it’s varied. Individuals are unique and it is a common fact. Moreover, we want to determine what intelligence is dominant among our students. MI has been introduced but not all teachers cater the needs of the students in our campus. Students on the other hand, had not been assessed on what intelligences they have. If they found out the kind of intelligence they have, parents, teachers, and themselves will able to help enhance the kind of intelligence they want to excel. Upon assessing their multiple intelligences, one can prepare his lesson suited to the kind of learners being handled. Moreover, as the researchers were sent to trainings, speakers always pointed out that Multiple Intelligences should be applied as one of the learning styles to determine how a student had learned so that at the

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