Mulan And Ancient China

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Mulan Essay The Disney movie Mulan is very historically accurate to ancient China life. The movie has many of the same aspects that were in ancient China. Some of the aspects are the Great Wall of China, Veneration of Ancestors, Filial Piety, the Mandate of Heaven, and the Dynastic Cycle. The movie also describes the role of men and women in ancient China’s society and the loyalty to the state and devotion to honor and duty. The Great Wall of China was built by Emperor Shi Huangdi to keep out Mongol invaders from the North. The wall is about 4500 miles long, 25 feet tall, and ten men wide. Many thousands of people died while working on the wall and many of the people were buried inside the wall. In the movie Mulan, Shan Yu, the Hun leader climbs up the wall when he invades China. The guards on top of the Great Wall light signal fires from the top of the walls towers. The fires are then lit at every tower which sent a signal to the emperor. When the emperor’s advisor is talking to the emperor he says “Impossible, no one can get through the Great Wall.” The Great Wall of China was a means of protection and a show of power and wealth in ancient China. The Veneration of Ancestors is the worshipping of a person’s ancestors. Ancient Chinese people worshipped their ancestors because they thought that the ancestors would bring good luck to the family. Chinese people built shrines to their ancestors near their houses. In the movie Mulan, Mulan’s family has a shrine for their ancestors in their yard. Her dad goes to pray to his ancestors and says “Honorable ancestors please help Mulan impress the matchmaker today.” When the guards came to get new recruits for the army Mulan says “Ancestors hear my plea, help my father stand.” When Mulan’s parents find out that she left, her grandmother said, “Ancestors hear our prayer, watch over Mulan.” The Veneration of

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