Chinese Philosophies Essay

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In China’s history, there have been a number of philosophies that have had a major effect on the Chinese people. Some philosophies worked and some, as the Chinese found out, didn’t. All of these schools of thought had one thing in common and that is they all tried to set up a guide to the way the people should be. These philosophies are not only helpful in running a country, but could also be helpful in possibly running and setting guidelines in a high school. Of these five philosophies, in my opinion, Daoism, would work the best for Sheboygan’s North High School. Daoism is a philosophy that talks about nature being very important. In this philosophy, Daoists think that best way to live is to follow the “dao” or “the way”. One thing that is different about the way Daoists think is that they believe there shouldn’t be so many rules. Another Chinese philosophy is Confucianism. A successful philosophy, Confucianism, was formed around the thoughts and ideas of Confucius. Like Daoism, Confucianism also sound to set principles and standards for how humans should live. In Confucius’s life, he thought a way to restore order, was to honor the five relationships. They were the relationship between the ruler and the ruled; father and son; older brother and younger brother; husband and wife and the relationship between friend and friend. In these relationships, there was an inferior person who was expected to respect the superior. And in return the superior must help and set an example for the inferior. In Daoism, however, the followers are more directly in touch with nature. They believed that the rules of Confucianism were a human creation and didn’t follow nature. My first reason I think Daoism would be helpful for North is because it doesn’t set rules. Although, some may think not having rules would be bad, I think this idea is good because it would filter all those
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