Political System of China Essay

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INTRODUCTION 1 As the world's oldest continuos civilisation, the Chinese can be justly proud of their achievements. Early creation of a written language, development of elaborate techniques of silk - weaving, wet rice cultivation, invention of the compass and gun powder are but a few of the more outstanding of these accomplishments. For some 3000 years, China has been one of the main centres of the world. Rivalled for sheer power and sophisticated living only by the Roman imperial colossus, China's civilisation exerted political and cultural influence throughout one of the few heavily populated regions of the world at the beginning of the Christian era.. In subsequent centuries new empires rose and fell in many parts of the globe, while the nature of civilisation underwent successive changes. Despite many vicissitudes, however, China continued to endure as a political entity , and in our own times it has once again surged to the forefront of the international affairs. 2. Political system is one of the pillar on which national power potential is based. In this paper an effort is made to study the Chinese political system and the reforms made after the Cultural Revolution. CHAPTER 1 GENESIS OF THE CHINA’S POLITICAL SYSTEM 3. More than a century ago Napoleon Bonaparte had remarked, " China, there lies a sleeping giant let him sleep, for when he wakes he will shake the world.” Within a century of Napoleon's death, China began to awaken, and its awakening has indeed shaken the world. Therefore, to have a more clearer understanding of the political system of this giant nation we shall go into its historical and political past since in order to understand the problems faced by Chinese modernisers, it is important to have some sense of the tradition that provides the focus for their efforts. 4. Prehistoric China is shunted in mystery from 2000 BC to

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