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Mount Dragon By Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child Jennifer Vu Period 6 Mr. Barbour Main Characters: 1. Franklin Burt: Franklin was the best scientist at GeneDyne. He was the alpha tester for PurBlood. This caused him to go insane. Carson became his replacement. 2. Susana Cabeza de Vaca: She is Carson’s assistant who helps him re-create the X-FLU. She also helped by finding a way to escape Mount Dragon. She didn’t believe about the PurBlood’s safety. 3. Charles Levine: Scopes, his rival and ex-best friend, thinks that he’s trying to do something bad the change the human race. He breaks into the GeneDyne network, the company building, and talks to Scopes about not selling X-FLU and X-RUST. 4. Mime: Mime helps Levine hack into the GeneDyne network and break into the building. 5. Nye: Nye is a security director at GeneDyne. He was convinced that Carson and de Vaca are after the treasure called Mondragon. 6. Brent Scopes: He is the CEO and founder of the GeneDyne, the company that Carson and de Vaca work for. He is very determined to make the X-FLU virus work so he could make it profitable. 7. Guy Carson: Carson is a scientist who was sent to Mount Dragon to turn X-FLU into a harmless and safe virus to make humans immune to ever have the flu again. He soon finds out about the PurBlood, and realizes with what will happen to the peoples that were tested with it. This story is mostly about genetic engineering, a study about genes in living organism. There are many examples and interesting genetic engineering in this book. Genetic engineering can be bad or good, depending on the genes. In this book, it shows many dangerous things that can happen if you try to change the human genes forever. For example, the main objective is making the

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