Moulin Rouge Essay

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Moulin Rouge Explanation of the techniques and how they describe the two world’s Satine must choose between The film ‘The Moulin Rouge’ is a love story about the conflict that surrounds a courtesan’s choice between love and money. Luhrman in the film the Moulin Rouge represents Satine as a troubled woman having to choose between two worlds. A world of material things or a world of love. By the end of the film Satine starts to believe in true bohemian values. Luhrman shows this choice of the two worlds through textual, audio and visual techniques to show Satine’s desire to embrace Christian’s bohemian values and her duty to the Moulin Rouge and Harold Zidler. One world is her job where she doesn’t want to be but has to if she wants to survive. The other is where she wants to be with Christian. Her world at the Moulin Rouge is completely opposite to Christian’s world in the Bohemian revolution. The idea of love in the Moulin Rouge is financial security shown by the Duke, “Why would the courtesan choose the penniless sitar player over the maharaja who is offering a lifetime of security, that’s real love.” But in Christian world he believes the greatest thing is “just to love and be loved in return,” nothing to do with money. One world is her life with the duke, sleeping with the Duke a man she doesn’t love, but she gets everything she wants, she gets money, somewhere to sleep at night and she may even become a famous actress. She knows that if she goes to be with the Duke she could leave her life at the Moulin Rouge. “If you hook that duke and you’ll be lighting up the great stages” Marree, “I’m going to be a real actress and I’m going to fly far, far, away from here.” Satine. She believes that a life with the Duke would be her way out of her life at the Moulin Rouge The other world though is with Christian the man she loves living in the Bohemian revolution.
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