Theme Of Wealth Corruption In The Great Gatsby

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Adrian Zarco Pd.5 Wealth Destroys A large theme in The Great Gatsby are the effects that wealth has on the characters. It revolves around the relationships and events that develop amongst the characters because of money. The people are rich they have nice houses, nice cars and a luxurious life. At first this lifestyle brings them a seemingly happy life full of great parties and a fast life. But in the end this wealth causes problems amongst the characters. Wealth corrupts, destroys morality, and negatively affects Gatsby, Daisy, Wolfsheim, Wilson, Tom, Myrtle and party goers. Gatsby’s desire to have Daisy affects him negatively. Before the war Gatsby loves Daisy and Daisy loves Gatsby. But Daisy says that “rich girls don’t marry poor boys” this leads for Gatsby to do anything to acquire wealth so that he can have Daisy. The condition of Gatsby having to have money gets in the way of Gatsby and Daisy’s relationship. He becomes obsessed with that they had in the past Nick…show more content…
Every weekend Gatsby would throw parties in hope to get Daisy’s attention. At the parties there would be many people that wouldn’t be invited or that didn’t know Gatsby at all. All these people just used Gatsby for his parties and to feed off of his wealth. When Gatsby dies barely any people came Wolfsheim said “I cannot come down now as I am tied up in some very important business and cannot get mixed up in this thing right now.” his own business partner wouldn’t show up to his funeral showing the loss of morality in Wolfsheim. The owl eyed man in the library is shocked when he hears that no one showed up to Gatsby’s funeral and says “Why, my God! They used to go there by the hundreds.” showing he’s shocked because so many people would show up to Gatsby’s parties. And showing that the people just cared about going to Gatsby’s parties they didn’t care about him at

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