Most Felons Released From Prison

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COUNSELING DIVERSE POPULATION MAP 1 MULTICULTURAL ACTION PLAN 2/18/2009 Most felons released from prison have little chance of obtaining legitimate employment. This leaves them with no income to pay the bills or rent, resulting in an increased chance that they resort to criminal means as a way to either fund their existence or be sent back to prison as a means of free room and board. They end up stealing to live or violating their parole. I realize some people say that committing those crimes is their choice and their fault, but how can we say that if we are taking away all means that allow them to make an honest living? MAP 1 I was recently by an IT consulting firm to do a software deployment for a major bank. The consulting firm investigated my background, after I had fully disclosed the information to them. They found that my record since the offense had been excellent and my references highly recommended me. They spoke with me personally about the details and circumstances of the offense and deemed that the nature of the offense and the times since the offense were not enough to keep them from hiring me for the position. Their client, ( the major bank), on the other hand, did no investigation, no personal contact, no nothing, except…show more content…
I believe that those responsible should pay for crimes. However, I am a supporter of prisoner rehabilitation as well, and feel that, while it may not be true for all, some convicts have the ability and potential to change and do some good with what is left of their lives. By taking away all chance of employment, I think we are deliberately setting ex-convicts up for failure and creating crime in our society instead of finding a way to decrease it. Not all criminals are bad seeds, not even if they fall from a rotten

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