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Article Assignment #1 The article focuses in the bailing out on youthful offenders. This man named Leland Yee was not agree with the state of California to sentence youth to life in prison without parole. He was against that law and he believes that no other countries would let juveniles to prison in that manner. He came out with his arguments claiming that Scientifics has proven that adolescent are not fully developed, so his point was that because of this prove adolescent could not be charge as an adult. He also mentioned that a large majority of juveniles were sentence to life in prison without parole and that they not even killed no one but were part of a crime. After a voting against the law he couldn’t accumulated enough supporters. Then after the extremely modest nature of Yee’s bill, this flip flopping is baffling. The law didn’t change regarding juveniles sentence to life, but what the law change was that every youth who were convicted could ask the judge to reexamine their cases after 15 years in prison. It doesn’t mean that after they will go free what it means is that the…show more content…
In class we discussed the Family Atmosphere and delinquency, and this really meets with most of the juveniles cases of crime that we are having. The aspects that could lead youths to commit such crimes could be based for example on maternal affection, if the parents always fitting, if the mother sees thing and she is not strong enough to stop it, or most of the cases parents are criminals themselves and involved with drug problem. This is a good reason why there are so many cases of crimes that juveniles are involved. Also how adolescent learn aggression and violence at home, or the environment they are in. This could involve how much violence do they witness, and for example how violence is portrait. I could go on and on, but in my opinion this is a big problem that adolescent are having when they commit

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