Monster Energy Drink: Advertising Plan

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Executive Summary: Monster Energy, a subsidiary of Hansen Natural Beverage Co., is one of the most exciting brands of energy drinks in the United States. Its phenomenal growth has helped it to overtake its leading competitor – Red Bull – in sales volume, and the company is coming close to surpassing them in sales revenue. They have done this through an extensive guerrilla marketing and promotion campaign, building brand awareness and loyalty along the way. However, the company must implement a large-scale advertising plan in conjunction with these promotions in order to continue growth and become the most successful brand in the industry. To break away from top competition like Red Bull, Rockstar, and Full Throttle, Monster Energy Co. needs to implement an advertising strategy that will increase brand awareness, sales, and target market size in order to accelerate growth. This advertising plan will include television commercials, magazine advertisements, and athletic endorsements to reach these objectives. They will also need to continue to innovate on past marketing promotions that have made them so successful in the past. These tactics, coupled with new distribution deals with Coca-Cola and Anheuser-Busch, should bring the popular energy drink to a more mainstream audience and reach the necessary goals. The project will be monitored with many of the traditional methods for tracking. Scanner data, Nielsen ratings, and sales analysis should help to show whether the campaign was a success or not. Given the opportunity cost of staying idle and losing market share, Monster should seize the opportunity at hand and begin a mass advertising campaign. The future success of the company depends on their current marketing choices and decisions. Situation Analysis: Company Monster Energy Brand is a line of taurine-infused energy drinks produced by Monster

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