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Molise is the ancestral home of the Samnites, A fierce warlike people that would regularly defeat the Roman Legions. However, overtime the Samnites were absorbed into Roman culture but the intense battles fought between them are still remembered today. Molise got its name after the fall of Rome, during the period when local inhabitants, invading Lombards and adventuring Normans vied for the region. Molise was both the name of a castle as well as the name of a local warlord family. From the High Middle Ages until the Italian unification in 1861, Molise was part of the Kingdom of Naples, with power being split between Bourbon and Spanish overlords. In 1963, the province of Molise became an official Region of Italy with the cities of Campobasso and Isernia acting as capitals for the two small provinces of Molise. Molise lies in central-southern Italy on the Adriatic coastline of the peninsula. Only its south-western section belongs to the Tyrrhenian coastline. As regards area and population molise has 319,834 people and 1,714 sq mi of land. Molise is the penultimate of the Italian regions, larger only than Val d'Aosta lying to the north-east on the Adriatic, it borders…show more content…
Pasta is a mainstay in Molise and is often served with a rich tomato Ragu of lamb or pork and a generous amount of Molise's fiery diavolino red peppers. The olive oil of Molise is some of the best and has been talked about since Roman times, but is not generally made in large amounts for export. The coast of Molise is yet another area famous for its Broddetto, which uses the local favorite red mullet. Other popular seafood includes fresh anchovies, swordfish, mussels and clams. Molisian desserts include various cakes such as Panettoncino di Mais - a sweet chocolate cake made with corn flour. Calcium del Molise are sweet Ravioli stuffed with a chestnut filling and served at Christmas established in 1970, are of particular

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