Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hypnosis

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CHRYSALIS ADVANCED DIPLOMA IN PSYCHOTHERAPY YEAR ONE – HYPNOTHERAPY AND COUNSELLING SKILLS MODULE 8 HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT – WRITTEN ESSAY ‘Choose a medical condition from the list in the module that interests you and research it. Write about the possible uses of hypnosis in the treatment of the condition as you see them’ Introduction For this essay I have chosen to look at the condition of arthritis. I have chosen arthritis because my relatives have it and over the past few years, I have started to experience similar symptoms, so I chose this condition as this will be of direct relevance and of benefit to my life. In this essay, I will describe what arthritis is, the causes of arthritis and physical representation, look at the types of pain and the various treatments which are available. I will pay particular attention to treating arthritis using hypnosis and have attached a screed for this purpose. Ethics / Contraindications Hypnosis would never be condoned in the place of orthodox treatment of any physical health problem. No-one should be treated without going through the appropriate diagnostic procedures with a qualified medical doctor. Whilst taking the initial…show more content…
Hypnosis can be a quick, effectve and safe method to increase pain threshold and pain tolerance. Hypnosis can also deal effectively with the emotional aspects of pain and can uncover the ‘meaning’ of the pain via hypnoanalytic methods for example: exploring any secondary gains. When a client is hypnotised, the mind is in a state of focused awareness, a trancelike state of deep relaxation in which the mind is open to suggestion. The use of relaxation techniques seems to assist in a person’s ability to deal with the pain and the reduction of anxiety helps further. Hypnosis can be used to give the client a feeling of regaining control in the situaiton which will in turn reduce their

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