Modern Hero's Journey In Star Wars And The Lord Of The Rings

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The Modern Hero's Journey Kyle Rombach Film T/Th Joseph Campbell's has shown the world how ancient stories have survived through their use of a basic pattern he refers to as the hero's journey. This simple guideline can be illustrated in all of the great tales from mythological times. The use of the hero's journey has continued throughout time in stories and now movies. Two of the best examples of this lies within Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings. The similarities they share with the hero's journey timeline is uncanny. Like every hero's journey it must always begin with the departure, that has has several parts that factor into how the hero begins. For Star Wars it deals with our protagonist Luke Skywalker who learns of a message…show more content…
Han Solo decides when they get to the rebel base that he is done and won't help Luke with the destruction of the Death Star.The rescue from without happens when Han decides to comeback and help Luke. The crossing of the return threshold occurs when Luke uses the force to destroy the Death Star. Then you have the master of two worlds during the ceremony for Han and Luke. Frodo has his refusal of the return when he decides to not come back to the fellowship. The chase occurs and Frodo must flee from Orcs trying to capture him. The fellowship returns in the rescue and helps save Frodo. Then the crossing the return threshold happens when Frodo takes the boat and Sam decides that Frodo cannot go on this mission alone so he must go help Frodo. Frodo still feels alone on this mission with his duty but he allows Sam to help him in the master of two worlds. All of this shows how they might be completely different stories yet they still follow a similar storyline. Both the protagonists go through similar struggles in finding themselves throughout the hero's journey. This shows how successful this guideline still is and there are many more movies that you can use as examples to this but none are as spot on as Star Wars and the Lord of the Rings. I think that the hero's journey template will be able to last many more years and different takes on its

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