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Biology 101 Chapter 13 Study Guide 1. Read “Clown, Fool, or Simply Well Adapted. Booby is slang for stupid. Explain how the traits that make the Blue-footed Booby look so stupid are actually evolutionary adaptations that have contributed to its survival. a. The big blue webbed feet that make it look clumsy- They make great flippers, propelling the birds through the water at great sppes and thus are a huge advantage while hunting fish. b. The eye gland salt gland that causes it to shake it head in a clown-like manner- This gland keeps the salt level in the birds body from reaching dangerous levels. It produces a salty solution which trickles into the nasal cavity and is expelled when it shakes its head. 2. Read 13.1 and explain at least two things that influenced Charles Darwin to arrive at his “descent…show more content…
This demonstrates variation on a theme. Although th functions of a cat leg, flipper of a whale, wing of a bat and arm of a human are different, the bone structure found in each is basically the same with minor variations of those same bones which makes evolutionary sense. 3. A. Comparative embryology B. The embryos of each of the following vertebrate Chordates, chicken( bird), human (mammal), mouse (mammal), turtle (reptile) and frog (amphibian) have the following three structures during their embryological development, a tail, pharyngeal gill arches and a notochord. None of these three structures persist in the adult forms. Thus the taxonomic basis for where these five organisms fit unites them into one phylum with characteristics that only persist in the embryonic development, not in the adults. C. The three characteristics mentioned above are key characteristics that are found in all Chordates, but in the above five examples, the characteristics are found only in the embryonic stages. This suggests the common ancestry consistent with evolutionary theory. 4. A.

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