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The Journey of the Megladon Fish The Megladon fish lives in the epipelagic zone of Jamaica, with the bright blue warm waters and colorful coral reefs. The Megladon is accompanied by beautiful sea turtles, lobsters, sea horses, sponges and many more creatures. The plants in coral reefs consist of flowering plants and algae. Hard and soft corals make up the reefs the Megladon lives in. Therefore the Megladon fish is a laterally compressed fish which allows it to live in dense covers or coral reefs. Laterally compressed fish make the fish flattened side-to-side. The coral reefs of Jamaica are vibrant and full of fish. The Megladon's body shape is efficient enough to allow burst of speed, escape from predators as well as fit into small spaces. They have two pectoral fins that are forked in on the sides which enable them to control their direction of movement. The fish also has a moveable jaw which allows it to bite into coral. The moveable jaw is small but strong and bony. Coloration is a important component to the fish. The Megladon fish has disruptive coloration, with its spots and stripes it is able to confuse their predators. The Megladon is usually all different colors. The coloration also gives off the warning of being poisonous or that they taste bad. The colored pigments in the fish are found in cells in the skin called chromatophores. The chromatophores allow the fish to rapidly change color by contracting and expanding the pigment in the chromatophores. The stripes are on the stomach of the fish and the dots are on the anal fin. The anal fin is on the back of the fish, and the fin provides them stability in the water. The Megladon has myomeres which run along the side of the body and are attached to the back bone. The myomeres can be used to identify specimens and help the fish move. The Megladon fish is a labriform fish which they

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