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The Life of a Box Jellyfish Tecorra Clark BIO/101 December 17, 2013 Sarah Shafer The Life of a Box Jellyfish Organisms can be defined as any form of life that is capable of growing and reproducing. Organisms can be unicellular or multicellular. Organisms can be humans, plants, and animals. All organisms have to learn to adapt to their environment in order to survive, for example animals have physical adaptations to help them to build homes and obtain food. This is one reason why animals can live in different environments and survive. All living things have to be able to learn their surroundings and adapt to them so that they can be able to eat and have shelter. Also, they would be able to avoid harm. To help organisms to adapt to their environment they use different parts of their body, for example many animals uses their eyes to avoid predators and to catch prey. Other parts of the body come in handy as well. One of the most fascinating organisms is jellyfish. Jellyfish are marine animals that have a jelly-like body and are shaped like an umbrella. Around their body are stinging tentacles. Jellyfish can be found in any ocean and or sea. Jellyfish comes in many colors, such as pink or orange. They vary in size and some can be the size of a human. Jellyfish are members of the cnidarian or stinging animals. Jellyfish have a bag of cells in the inside and the outside. All cnidarian have stinging cells to help catch their pray. Cnidarian have stings to use them as a dispensable tool. There are many different types of jellyfish, for example the Australian Box jellyfish. This particular jellyfish is believed to be the most deadly. The Australian Box jellyfish is pale blue and have four distinct sides. They also have four eye clusters. Each eye cluster contains 24 eyes. The Australian Box jellyfish have evolved eyes that help them to sense light. Their eyes

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