Brine Shrimp Essay

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Brine Shrimp Lab Name: Date: Brine shrimp are tiny shrimp that hatch from eggs. You may have heard of them before; they are sometimes called “sea monkeys” in science kits for kids. They have been used for scientific study, but are mostly used as food for larger aquarium animals. Brine shrimp require certain conditions in their environment to hatch and then grow, including how much salt is present. Brine is actually a word used for salt water. In this experiment, you will investigate how salt concentration affects the number of shrimp eggs that hatch and survive. Your results will allow you to determine the salt concentration which allows the most shrimp eggs to hatch. Start this experiment by writing a procedure that you can follow to do the experiment and obtain valid conclusions. How would you design your experiment to determine the best conditions for brine shrimp eggs to hatch and survive? What would you need to do? How will you measure an effect? Here are some hints to help you get started writing a procedure: • Brine shrimp need the right amount of salt in their environment. In fact, they often don’t hatch and survive without salt. But how much salt should you add? What kind of salt? • How will you know if there is any effect (what will you count or measure)? Brine shrimp hatch from eggs, which are very small, too small to be counted easily. You can see them without a microscope, but not very well. If the shrimp are small and moving, how will you count them? • Shrimp are living animals. What might they need to survive? • What materials will you need: Containers of some kind? Food? Water? Shrimp eggs? Ways to measure things? • How long will you do your experiment? How long will it be before any shrimp hatch? • What things need to be kept constant during your experiment so that you know it was the salt concentration that affected the

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