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Page 1 The protagonist of Miss Brill, a short narrative written by Katherine Mansfield, is an elderly middle-aged woman who has very peculiar perception of the world. Katherine Mansfield short narrative Miss Brill is a very simple and yet truly deep story. The story is simple because there is little action in the plot and the plot itself is relatively straightforward. When I first read it I thought there was nothing special about the narrative and it was only later when I read the story the second time that I really grasped the little inconspicuous elements and details that constitute the essential meaning that the author intended to convey. What the author wanted to communicate to the reader is the perception of the outside world and the inner self of Miss Brill. This woman is a very special person in the sense that there is so much similarity between her perception and that of a little child. Miss Brill’s perception of the world is very peculiar and subtle. It is similar to that of an infant who only notices the good things and not yet affected by the negative aspects of life. Miss Brill is naive and unsophisticated; a character trait that is so much akin to young children. Yet she is very vulnerable and cannot withstand the emotional pressure imposed on her by the cruel society. Her life is very dull and every single day of it is very similar to all the others. Every Sunday she seems to engage in the same activity. All she ever does is put on her fur stole and go out to a park nearby to listen to a band. The day described in the story is just like all the other days in the life of Miss Brill. She puts on her fur stole and goes to the park. The reader is given a chance to perceive the world directly through the eyes of Miss Brill, see people around her the way she sees them and hear their conversations the way

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