Judith Ortiz Cofer Essay

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1. What is the effect of Judith Ortiz Cofer’s opening paragraph? Does her anger draw you in or distance you? In Judith Ortiz Confer’s opening paragraph, the author sets a tone to her writing that draws you away from her. When Judith smiles she uses “no show of teeth” or extreme contortions of the facial muscles” which create a mood for the reader that makes Judith seem less emotional (204). The act of kindness does not move Judith because she is not easily amused. By giving Judith little to no emotion for the act of kindness draws the reader away from her. 2. Note the times when Cofer explains rather than denies the basis for stereotyping. For instance, rather than deny that Latinas prefer vivid colors, she explains this preference reflects the bright landscape of their homelands. Does this strategy work,…show more content…
This opens her argument and, in the end, she is able to expand her argument to another level. 6. Cofer ends by quoting one of her own poems. Is this effective? Why or why not? When Cofer ends by quoting one of her poems, she ends it in a very effective way. This is for several reasons, one being the relationship to god. She states that it is a poem “for respect” and that she wants to achieve “universal respect” (207). When she connects her words to god she is creating a connection to god which not only appeals to the audience but also uses allusion to create tone to her text. She does this by using god as a figure that is effective to the emotional of appeal of the reader. This creates a guilt-like feeling for the constant serotypes that people give daily. 7. Who do you think is Cofer’s audience for this essay? Does it include the woman at the poetry reading who asks Cofer for a cup of
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