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Mini Case Essay

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Mini case

Mini Cases Part 1

B U S I N E S S   E T H I C S


  Outcome 1.3: Explain   the ethical   issues which can affect the operational activities of a business.
  Outcome 3.1 Assess the role of the company acting as moral   agent.

Mini Case 1

  You are in charge   of trying to secure   a contract for   US telecom equipment worth   $40m to a ministry in Latin America. Europeans are also competing. You and local officials recognize there is not much   quality   difference. A local accountant you have worked   with in the past suggests you might   receive the contract if you deposit
$2m   in the Swiss bank account of the general in charge of the ministry.
  Would you?

If the company pays, who is wrong? Company is NOT a moral   agent
  Whoever decided to pay (executive?) is responsible.
They had power to decide,   they pay the penalty if
caught. Do not blame   an artificial person (company).

Company is moral   agent:
  It is a combination of people. Maybe cannot trace back to one decision maker. Company includes “internal decision structure” and culture. Company had power and so it has responsibility.

Mini Case 2

  Your local office manager in a Loas subsidiary you are running comes and explains that   in order to complete the sale of an aging company car, she will have to convince   the police to fill in the original date on the car’s registration, and this will cost $25 with no receipt.
She says she doesn’t know why it was not done properly originally. She also says she doesn’t know the date so she cannot fill it in but the police will have a record, if the dates   do not match, the sale cannot be completed.
  Would you authorize this payment?

Mini Case 3

  Working for a large American utility, you are in charge of negotiating an agreement in Indonesia with the
state-owned electricity company to build, own, and
operate a generating plant. It is suggested that   you should include one of the grown children...

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