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How Anxiety Disorders Affect the Middle Aged Population Rough Draft How Anxiety Disorders Affect the Middle Aged Population Anxiety disorders can be associated with other disorders, and are the second most commonly occurring mental health disorder, and there are about 40 million individuals in American who suffer from this disorder yearly. “Anxiety is characterized by such feelings as dysphoria, apprehension, and/or symptoms of tension. Some examples of Anxiety disorders include social phobia, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), generalized anxiety disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), agoraphobia, and acute stress disorder (Gladding, Samuel T. & Newsome, Deborah W. pg. 184).” Anxiety disorders affect…show more content…
In order to understand these contributions to anxiety disorders one must be aware of how we define the factors that may contribute to anxiety such as Faulty Cognitions, in which the individual reveals habits that make them susceptible to fear. Individuals who suffer from a social phobia appear to intensify signs of danger and obsessively worry about different situations, so one must be able to relearn their thinking patterns (Huffman, Karen. pg. 502). Another contribution to anxiety disorders includes Maladaptive Learning, in which learning theorists say that they are the result from maladaptive conditioning and social learning. A certain stimulus creates fear, which over time will develop into a conditioned stimulus that brings anxiety. According to social learning theorists they may be a result from modeling (Huffman, Karen. pg.…show more content…
pg. 16). According to Frederick T. L. Leong, the general editor of the Encyclopedia of counseling, says that a panic attack can have onsets of fearfulness, intense apprehension, and even leaving an individual with feelings of doom. Others may feel short of breath, a choking feeling, chest pain, or palpitations to mention just a few symptoms one may endure. Individuals who have endured such symptoms tend to worry about when the next occurrence of these sudden onsets may arise and just how these symptoms will affect them in the future (Leong. pg. 717). When an individual experiences and dwells on feelings of several anxiety attacks, which involves episodes of physiological dysregulation, it is recognized as fear of fear or anxiety disorders. An individual with high anxiety sensitivity have the fear that their symptoms of chest pains are harmful to them, therefore; these symptoms will lead to a heart attack. The criteria for a panic disorder consist of the following: their symptoms cannot be linked directly toward any physiological effects of a substance, a medical condition, or another mental disorder (Leong. pg.

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