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Marcel Voracka – Mexoryl Homework This case has to do with an ingredient Mexoryl SX that the company Loreal uses in two of their products. It is an ingredient that blocks out UVA rays from your skin, instead of only UVB rays like most other sunscreens. This is very important because UVA rays damage cells, DNA, and generate harmful free radicals, among other things. This can lead to skin deterioration and various types of skin cancer. This product has an advantage over the competition because it is one of the few and also the most effective UVA blockers on the market. It has great leverage because it is not easily replaceable and no other companies can copy it. The main marketing issues in my opinion are to educate the public that UVA rays are dangerous and to explain why Mexoryl SX is more effective than the competitors products. For instance I was unaware that an UVA ray even exists. I thought that regular sunscreen protected me from all the suns rays. Now that I know about this I will look at ingredients on the back of sunscreen and maybe I will pay a premium for the Loreal product rather than just buying a normal sunscreen. I feel that many other people would have the same reaction if Loreal would come out with a large advertising campaign on educating the consumer. They also have to explain why Mexoryl is the best because pretty soon Johnson & Johnson and Neutrogena will come out with competing campaigns. If the public knows that Mexoryl is better than the competition they will have less of a chance that the other companies would eat away at their market share. From what I have read about mexoryl I believe that segmentation by gender and age would be very important. I would try to make and market four different types of sunscreens. They would be directed at women, men, neutral/family, and children. For women I would market the product

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