Metro Transit's Marketing Mix

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For an organization to achieve its marketing goals the company should possess a marketing strategy and that strategy must include different marketing elements. One main element is the marketing mix. The marketing mix is a combination of things used in the design, production, and sale of any product. The marketing mix focuses on the combination of elements in a specific way that will create a successful mix to fulfill consumer needs or wants and at the same time increase sales. Obtaining a company’s desired results often takes experimentation, research, and analysis. The combination and coordination of all of the elements is significantly more effective than just using one. With the implementation of both long and short-term strategies, a business can focus on immediate sales goals and still build a solid business reputation. A company must be conscious of all aspects of the marketing mix to avoid sending mixed message to consumers and causing confusion. The object of the paper will explore the four-P’s of the marketing mix and how each of the four different elements directs marketing strategy and tactics. The paper will focus on a company called Metro Transit who delivers bus, rail, and train services to the cities of Minneapolis/St Paul, MN. The Four-P’s of the Marketing Mix The objective of the marketing manager is to make decisions that create perceived value and generate positive response from the consumers within the target market. The four elements: product, price, promotion, and place are the parameters that the marketing manager controls to generate the proper consumer response. Products are the items that the business sells to a consumer. Historically the thought was that the product would sell by itself, this might have worked when there was only one option in the marketplace. With all the competition, the global marketplace, and the laws that have

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