Mesopotamia Expansion

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Abstract The development and expansion of the United States falls under various Geographic and environmental factors. Mesopotamia is one early human society that developed as a result of its proximity to the Tigris and Euphrates River. The Potato also played a major part in the diffusion process between early human societies after originating in South America some 3000-7000 years ago. After debuting in Spain, the Potato eventually made its way around the world and became a staple in many foods Americans eat today. Two significant geographic factors that contributed to the development and expansion of the United States are the California Gold Rush and the Irish Potato Famine. California was considered a wilderness before one lucky man came…show more content…
Mesopotamia is an example of an early river civilization because rivers were a big factor in the way that the earliest societies came about. Mesopotamians had to learn to adapt to the rivers and were creative enough to invent technology to help control the flow of water to irrigate crops which was essential for successful farming. Mesopotamia’s location near the two rivers is also beneficial because the soil becomes greatly deposited with mud and clay which allows for the development of building materials to make homes, residences, and marketplaces, etc. The Tigris and Euphrates rivers also supplies most of the civilizations drinking water. The civilization has “tilled the soil, built houses, and constructed irrigation systems, draining marshes, and digging canals, dikes, and ditches” (Ancient Civilizations, n.d.). Mesopotamia has positively benefited from the proximity of the Tigris and Euphrates River which has allowed them to become one of the first successful…show more content…
Before the gold rush occurred, many Americans weren’t interested in the state of California. It was seen as a vast wilderness occupied by Indians. Quickly after the discovery of gold, Americans began to see California in a new perspective. After John Sutter, who was at that time only a sawmill owner, came across a golden nugget in his mill, it seems as if the California Gold Rush happened overnight. The discovery spread across Newspapers which eventually landed in the hands of President James K. Polk. After he confirmed that the news was valid in his state of the union address in 1848, the rush immediately began. Prospectors began traveling from all over the United States to California via land, and by sea, since it was becoming more accessible at that time. People from all over the world came to California in hopes of hitting jackpot and creating a lifetime of wealth. Although not everyone was able to become wealthy through the gold rush, it did allow business to develop and transformed California in general. Toward the end of the 1850’s, San Francisco bay had expanded from a population of 800, to a population of approximately 230,000. Ports were constructed, and San Francisco Bay then became a hot spot for

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