The California Dream

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The California Dream have attracted numerous people from all over the world, but do everyone have equal opportunities? Ever since the gold rush fever in the 1850s, in search of adventure and prosperity, the golden state have attracted many looking for a new chance in life. “Renewal and opportunity” are two words being mentioned in Rawls essay that summarizes his thoughts about the reason why people are drawn here from every corner of the world (20). A place where no goal can be set to high; the only limit is ones motivation to follow its own ambition. But the dream can, however, be quite deceivable as people only hear about the glamour and riches and thus not about the many problem and obstacles one may face. Some that may be overcome…show more content…
Creating severe injustice with socially misplacement and economical impoverishment as result where its white population both expected and believed that they deserved preferential treatment (Gibbs 88). We have also seen similar occurrences taking place after World War 2 where California’s Chinese and Japanese population experienced discrimination after a massive launch of racial propaganda was spread by it’s white workers as they believed that their security of getting jobs was threatened. Immigrants from the middle east have especially been the target of both religious and ethnical discrimination as they often are being associated with terrorists after several devastating attacks around the world caused by religious fundamentalists that share the same religion, Islam, but yet very different beliefs in how the Koran should be interpreted. This unfair treatment is constantly being overlooked by the government as many americans uses these attacks to justify the injustices towards muslims in our society. When many in fact uses these justification to cover up the real reason behind the persuasion of muslims which is the fear of their, for us, unusual and strange…show more content…
California’s have also close ties to both Mexico and Spain whose influence can be seen in not only its architecture, but its imprints can also be seen in both its religion and culture as well. California’s prosperity can be traced back to its ability to attract foreigners, and it all started with the Europeans that were deeply intrigued by the opportunities that came with the gold rush. Shortly followed by waves of Asians whose ambitions for wealth helped foster San Francisco's’ economical growth. It was also the Asians that helped to developed California’s agriculture. Plus as a result to these sudden expansions other opportunities opened up as well and immigrants from Mexico found their way here as the demand for labor to expand the railways increased. At the same time these economical advancements could also be found elsewhere in California as well. The Portuguese helped develop the fishing industry, the Armenians created small businesses, and the Italians started up restaurants. The list goes on and on and one thing is certain. California would not be what it is today without immigrants. All who have been attracted here by the promises that comes with the Californian Dream, but do the golden state really live up to its

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