Mesopatamia vs Egypt Essay

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Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt were two of the greatest and earliest civilizations. They contributed many things to the modern world through their mathematical discoveries, writing, architecture and other technologies. Mesopotamia was located in the Fertile Crescent, between the Tigris and Euphrates River; it is in current day Turkey and Iraq. Ancient Egypt was located in current day Egypt in North Africa, also bordered by the Mediterranean Sea. The two civilizations had many things in common but were also very unique. Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt were both polytheistic and built religious monuments. However, Egypt had a positive view of their gods, goddesses, and afterlife, whereas the Mesopotamians had a dismal view of their gods, goddesses, and afterlife. Both Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt were polytheistic. Both religions believed that everything that happened in their life (floods, good harvest, calamities, etc.) was caused by the gods. Therefore, they believed, that appeasing to the various gods could have a dramatic effect in their life. The most important Egyptian god was Ra, the sun god and ruler of all other gods; Utu was the Mesopotamian sun god. Mesopotamia also had an air god, Enlil, and a sky god, An (Stone, 2011). Egypt and Mesopotamia both had a god who oversaw the underworld: Osiris and Namtar respectively. The Egyptian goddess of beauty and wisdom was Isis. Inanna was the Mesopotamian goddess of beauty, and Ea was the god of wisdom (Stone, 2011). The two civilizations had hundreds of gods who were very important to them which is why religion had such a big influence on their government. Mesopotamia had a gloomy view of their gods, whereas Egypt had an optimistic view of their gods. Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt were located in the basins of rivers on which they depended upon for their source of water. The floods that these rivers caused brought

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