Men In Chains Poem Analysis

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Men in Chains The speaker creates the feeling of being restrained by current realties at that time, which obscure ones vision, creating a struggle to see the future. Thus the speaker sees life as a train journey, and as the train continues so does the struggle continues to be free from restrain. The poet makes use of a mixture of short and long meters, to highlight the importance of the struggle of being restrained. Also the couplet is used to indicate that the struggle is not just about one person but of all those affected by the abuse, and restraint of the current regime. The ‘I’ in line 4 indicates that the voice of the speaker is that of the poet narrating his story to the (listener) reader of what he observed whilst the train stopped at ‘a country station’. By using very explicit imagery, the speaker takes me through…show more content…
The line (3 & 4) portray the image that the speaker’s vision is obscured, which give reference to the struggle of not being able to see properly as to what is happening around him. As he uses the metaphor ‘sleep curtain eyes’ However line 4 has a much deeper meaning, apart from the difficulty to see through the frosty windows. The word peered indicate that the speaker is of equal standing with the six men in chains, which they all hold the same status. For the speaker is also chained. More so the symbolic meaning of the frosty window implies that speaker is looking at the cold reality outside, through his soul. Line 6-8 creates a vivid image of how cruel these men must have been treaded, they had no pride or dignity left as they were ‘shorn’ of all human honour’. More the simile ‘like sheep after shearing’ contributes to the cruelty of how the ‘men’ was treated, like

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