Abner Snopes Character Analysis

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Essay English 102 Professor Reggury February 22, 2011 “Barn Burning” In “Barn-Burning” Faulkner presents Abner Snopes as an evil Character. Symbolically, Snopes is shown to share similar qualities to the most pure of evil, Satan. Faulkner uses the mind of Snopes’s son, Sarty, to describe and point out to the readers these Satan-like characteristics that Snopes possesses. Additionally, it shows the readers the relationship that Snopes have with his family (blood loyalty) and the rest of society. Throughout the short story Faulkner makes reference to the depthless silhouette of Abner Snopes. For example, Sarty recalls the incident at the De Spain’s manor where his father, Snopes, intentionally ruined an expensive rug owned by the De Spain’s. According to Faulkner, “the last thing the boy remembered was the depthless, harsh silhouette of the hat and coat bending over the rug and it seemed to him that he had not even closed his eyes when the silhouette was standing over him, the…show more content…
Sartys constant feeling of despair and grief is sounded out through the limp of his father. Faulkner states, “the peace and joy, ebbing for an instant as he looked again at the stiff black back, the stiff and implacable limp of the figure which dwarfed by the house…” (Faulkner 149). This paints a vivid picture in Sarty’s mind of the evil traits with his father. In ‘The Myth of the “Barn-Burning”’, Volpe supports this idea by suggesting the Abner Snopes’s stiff foot symbolically relates to the cloven hoof of Satan. (Volpe 1484) Through out “Barn-Burning”, there are many descriptions geared towards the Satan-like qualities of Abner Snopes. Faulkner portrays Abner Snopes as a ruthless man without morals who cares for no one other than his blood. Through the eyes of Sarty the reader gets a clear image of Snopes and his evil and spiteful
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