Media Postmodernist View Essay

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What it says in the specification Post-modern Media Candidates might explore combinations of: How post-modern media relate to genre and narrative across two media, computer / video games and new forms of representation, post-modern cinema, interactive media, reality TV, music video, advertising, post-modern audience theories, aspects of globalisation, parody and pastiche in media texts or a range of other applications of post-modern media theory. The topic areas require understanding of contemporary media texts, industries, audiences and debates. Candidates must choose one of the following topic areas, in advance of the examination and, through specific case studies, texts, debates and research of the candidates’ choice, prepare to demonstrate understanding of the contemporary issue. This understanding must combine knowledge of at least two media and a range of texts, industries, audiences and debates, but these are to be selected by the centre / candidate. The assessment of the response will be generic, allowing for the broadest possible range of responses within the topic area chosen. Each topic is accompanied by four prompt questions, and candidates must be prepared to answer an exam question that relates to one or more of these four prompts. There should be emphasis on the historical, the contemporary and the future in relation to the chosen topic, with most attention on the present. Centres are thus advised to ensure that study materials for this unit are up to date and relevant. Exam tip: although students will have studied a range of different texts/media in class they would be well-advised to consider their own experiences as media consumers in relation to the theoretical perspectives outlined. In particular, students may have valuable experience as the consumer of computer games and the users of social networking that would be
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