Media Influence on Body Image

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Introduction Body image is how a person sees themselves. Body image encompasses ones physical appearance and sexual appeal, which is also known as self esteem. A person’s body image affects most people and can be affected by a wide variety of things. The primary topic I will be talking about today is body image and the influence of the media. Your Influence Media is all around us in this day and age. Whether it be on billboards, in newspapers, magazines, television, radio or on the internet, media is virtually everywhere. With that, it is easy to say that people could have body image problems that are primarily influenced by the media. Statistics show that the average amount of hours a child watches television in a week is twenty eight hours per week. In this time, children are exposed to approximately 40,000 advertisements per year. An average teenager spends thirty one hours per week on the internet and sixty three percent of teenagers read magazines. It is impossible to escape the media, whether it is at school, home, and work or in the general public. My personal routine is watching half an hour of television in the morning before school. In addition I will facebook for an hour then basketball programs and homework for two hours. In the evening, I will spend three hours on the internet and watching television for a total of four and a half hours a day. In this time, I am exposed to media blitzes
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