Dominos Memo Essay

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------------------------------------------------- DATE: April 14, 2009 TO: Tim McIntyre- Vice President for Corporate Communications, Regional Managers, Social Media Team, Communications Contracted Team, Legal Team, Marketing Department COPY: Corporate Council FROM: Sr. Communications Manager ------------------------------------------------- SUBJECT: COMMUNICATIONS Strategy for DOMINO’S VIDEO SCANDAL ------------------------------------------------- The purpose of this memo is to plan out a precise communications strategy to address the recent online posting of five amateur videos of Domino’s employees performing acts of food contamination at a North Carolina location. Domino’s must take immediate action to minimize the impact of these videos on our reputation and bottom line. BACKGROUND The incriminating videos were discovered yesterday, April 13, by a GBLT advocacy site ( whose bloggers immediately informed Domino’s of the incident. * The series of five videos show a male, dressed in a Domino’s uniform, contaminating ingredients by stuffing cheese up his nose and passing gas on salami, among many other lewd acts, while conversing to a female coworker about their lack of work ethic. The camera also pans to the order screen showing the customer who the female says would receive the delivery. * Two savvy readers at The Consumerist have notified us that the male participant is Michael Setzer and female is Kristi Hammond. They are both Domino’s employees working at a store in Conover, North Carolina. * The videos were recorded during normal store hours. They imply that the manager was in the back of the store reading a newspaper during the recordings. * Within 24 hours, the most popular video has been viewed more than 250,000 times on YouTube. * The videos are currently posted on three websites and are spreading
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