Measuring Crime Victimization

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* What source of crime reporting data do you feel is the most important to researchers? Explain why. * What method of collecting crime data do you feel is the most accurate? Explain your reasoning. * What significant challenges do you think exist with regard to crime reporting? Explain. * How do you think these challenges can be overcome? Explain. Nathan Malbrue Charles Hauber Victimology CJUS280-1403A-01 7/18/2014 PH 2 DB Measuring Crime Victimization This paper will cover sources of reporting crime/arrest data and which I feel is best. Which method I think is accurate, significant challenges and overcoming them. The most important form of crime reporting data is from witnesses and victims. The most accurate data can be from a witness because they have nothing to gain from telling lies. The victim may lie in order to try and gain sympathy or favor. I believe the best method of collecting crime data is to ask the victim what happened at different times, being asked by different people. The Uniform Crime Report (or also known as UCR) is used for measuring official crime data the UCR began in 1929. The Uniform Crime Report (or also known as UCR) Began by Federal Bureau of Investigation (or also known as “The FBI”) but Information is based on arrests made. These reports include Part I offenses: violent and property crimes. Another form of reporting is the National Incident-Based Reporting System (or also known as NIBRS). These reports include Information of victim and offender, Race, age, and even gender on reports. Lastly another report used is the National Crime Victimization Survey (or also known as NCVS) which Began in 1972 and Ran by the Bureau. Most individuals do not report crimes for fear of retaliation of the criminals, failure of the police to take proper action to protect the “snitch”. There is a saying “snitches get stitches”, meaning
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