Mcmbinden Summary

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The purpose of this essay is to read an overview of a town called McMinden. A general synopsis of the of the towns origins are and structure is provided to set the overall climate of what it is composed of during its rise and how it has leveled out to what it abides on as of current. The writer has given insight to a varying set of people within its living conditions who collective can compare and contrast certain key factors into its populous. The insight can help to form a construct of the mitigating factors that can be expressed in described sociological viewpoints that are established as a set of accepted explanations when expressing its factors that it is composed of. McMinden is a small farm town established in the late 1800’s. Various…show more content…
I remember cruel things people would do and I could never understand why and cannot imagine how bad it must have felt. Jenny has a year left in high school before graduating and plans to leave immediately. During her time from first grade to present the conditions have not improved. The unequal treatment or discrimination was so deep seeded it would be better classified as institutional prejudice and discrimination which is a sociology term when discrimination is woven into the operation of that society’s institutions. Further examples of this will be highlighted later to other members of her race. Now it can be questioned about this young ladies views and just how accurate they were and as a person that is not quick to draw conclusion from just a single source, I noticed another transcript was from Father Regis O’Connell. He is the Roman Catholic priest of the Sacred Heart Church. His transcript was very focused on half of his parishioner’s treatment at the local packing plant. Father O’Connell’s Hispanic flock is comprised in large of migrant workers where a need to find piece and guidance is
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