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Mayonnaise Essay

  • Submitted by: navabhi
  • on August 13, 2013
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1. Define an emulsion. Is mayonnaise an o/w or w/o emulsion? Does the microscopic examination of your mayonnaise confirm your conclusion?

2. What is the purpose of each of the dry ingredients and of the egg yolk in the mayonnaise emulsion?

3. Does your emulsion have good spread characteristics? Good consumer appeal?

4. Which mayonnaise did you like the best? Why?

5. Which mayonnaise variation did you like the least? Why?

6. What changes did you see in your emulsion stability b/w week 1 and week 2nd?

7. What changes did you see under the microscope b/w week 1 and 2nd?


1. An emulsion is a mixture of two immiscible dispersions in which one phase is dispersed in another phase. One phase is continuous phase that surrounds the dispersed phase and one phase is discontinuous of dispersed phase.
Emulsions are of two types: o/w type and w/o type
Mayonnaise emulsion is an example of o/w type emulsion in which oil globules are in discontinuous phase, surrounded by water which is continuous phase of emulsion.

Yes microscopic evaluation confirms conclusion.
A slide was prepared on to which few drops of mayonnaise was taken and mixed with two drops of red dye.   As dye is water soluble, tends to dissolve in water molecules, thus continuous phase i.e. water appear red while oil globules remain colorless because red dye does not taken up by oil globules.
Thus under microscope oil globules seen as colorless while stained area corresponds to continuous phase which was water.

2. Each Dry ingredient perform important function in mayonnaise emulsion
      * Mustard has emulsifying properties which stabilize emulsion.
      * Salt increases flavor.
      * Sugar to counteract taste of vinegar.
      * Lecithin of egg yolk acts as emulsifier, increase stability.
      * Paprika imparts flavor and odour.


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