Mass Hysteria and Conformity in the Cruicible

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The Crucible: If you were told there was a witch among you how would you react? Would you panic? Or would you not care? My name is Alexandra and these are my associates Amy and Melissa. Our theme is mass hysteria and conformity. Mass hysteria is when panic strikes a majority of the population. In Salem the mass hysteria was about witches and the devil being among them. The accusations that Abigail and her friends made of people being witches sparked the mass hysteria and witch trials. Conformity is following what everyone else is doing. They would accuse people and when someone was accused the majority of people agreed that the person was guilty without question. They would have a witch trial but it was merely to get someone to confess they were a witch. If they did not they would be killed. Analysis During the time of the witch trials if someone did something that was odd or uncommon they would be accused of being a witch. Or if someone didn’t like someone they would accuse the person of being a witch using false or exaggerated proof. Abigail and the other girls would accuse people in Salem simply because they got in the way of what they wanted. Accusations were thrown easily into situations and people became paranoid. Abigail and the other girls and Parris accused Tituba of being a witch. Abigail and Parris exclaim, “She have often laughed at prayer! / She comes to me every night to go and drink blood!” (44). After Abigail and the other girls got caught they blamed Tituba to keep themselves out of trouble. Once witchcraft was mentioned everyone would say or do things out of impulse without thinking of consequences. If they were questioned about being a witch or being involved with something that had to do with witches they would start accusing other people. People were so quick to believing accusations because they wanted to get rid of the
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