Mccarthyism, the Crucible & Bakersfield Cases Fear Comparison

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Fear Manipulates the Truth Why do people allow fear to overcome them? In many cases people do the opposite action of what they want to do all because of fear. These fears can be real or most likely imagined. The Crucible, Bakersfield cases and the nationwide panic caused by McCarthyism all illustrate how fear can eliminate the truth. In “The Crucible” Mary Warren is accused of witchery. Mary and Proctor agree to side with one another and defeat Abigail. While in court for Mary’s trial Abigail begins to scream and point, accusing Mary of sending out her spirit to attack her. When the other girls in court began to mock Mary’s words along with Abigail, Danforth horrifically yells “Mary Warren! Draw back your spirit out of them!” (Miller 191). This is when Mary realized that Abigail has convinced Danforth that Mary is a witch. With recognition that there is no chance of changing Danforths mind and in fear of Abigail, Mary turns on Proctor. She claims that Proctor is “the Devil’s man” and how she “will go his way no more” (Miller 194). Thus showing how fear made Mary eliminate the truth. Panic made the children in the Bakersfield cases eradicate the truth. A handful of adults were accused of molestation. However, they were accused based off of the childrens words and had no actual evidence. It was hard to believe that all these adults could be accused of the same thing. As the cases were investigated later down the road, it was shown that the prosecutors had full blame for all the trouble. When the children were interviewed, each child claimed that their parents did nothing inappropriate to them. But when the interviews were observed it showed that the prosecutors made the children say the opposite of the truth. The prosecutors would repeat the same question over and over again, until the children said yes. The prosecutors would even tell the children they

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