Marriage Ala Mode Analysis

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I am looking at the painting Marriage A-la-Mode: The Tete a Tete by William Hogarth. Hogarth decided to do an oil painting on a canvas. The setting of this painting is in a room. There are elaborate decorations on the ceiling, columns that appear to be made out of marble, there is a fireplace as well and the carpet that is laid out indicates that the people that live there, whom are wealthy. I am going to describe our journey through this painting starting from the characters that are put in here by Hogarth. After, I describe their placement and then their attire, the style of the painting, and the medium of this piece and other characteristics that I have noticed while observing this piece. In the painting there is a young female and young man gentleman sitting on the right of the painting, an older man to the left of the painting in one room, and another middle aged gentleman in the far back of the painting in another. On the right of the painting behind the young man sitting is a wall clock stating it is midday. On the fireplace in the center is an antique marble bust with a broken nose. Behind it is a classical framed painting that looks like it could be an oil painting, representing a chubby cupid playing a bagpipe. The young man sitting on the right is slumping tiredly on the arm of the chair that he is sitting in which he seems to have no energy, looking exhausted. He is dressed elegantly in a laced hat and a decorated dress coat. There is a table that separates the two young people, that has a tea set sitting on it. The female is stretching I believe trying to wake herself, she is dressed in what looks like to be her previous days clothing; a hat, a swaggered shirt, a bodice and a satin dress and shoes. There is a toppled over chair, playing cards scattered on the floor, a book half open on the carpet, two violins at the bottom left of the

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