Mrs. Flowers Review

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Mrs. Flowers Reading the excerpt “Mrs. Flowers” by Maya Angelou evokes two of the five senses possessed by man. Her expressive use of the words used to paint a picture of her recollections of Mrs. Flowers and her home present a very real illusion to her readers. The excerpt from Maya Angelou’s book “I know why the caged bird sings” entitled “Mrs. Flowers” displays such beautiful descriptive language when describing Mrs. Bertha Flowers’ appearance, it is as if you can close your eyes and see her for yourself. For instance, in the third paragraph of the story Maya writes “Her Skin was a rich black that would have peeled like a plum if snagged” (Angelou, 1969). The detailed use of descriptive language in the quote compares Mrs. Flower’s dark, and delicate skin to that of a ripe, and fragile plum. This use of language lends such a vivid sensation of sight. Maya Angelou’s eloquent memory of how Mrs. Flower’s home smelled gives an excellent perception of the sense of smell. Maya Angelou depicts the moment she enters Mrs. Flower’s home for the first time in the quote “The odors in the house surprised me. Somehow I had never connected Mrs. Flowers with food or eating or any other common experience of common people. There must have been an outhouse, too, but my mind never recorded it. The sweet scent of vanilla had met us as she opened the door” (Angelou, 1969). This eloquent remembrance of her encounter gives one the illusion of walking into a home and taking in the air that is rich with aromas of fresh baked food laced with vanilla. The purpose of this tale was to put on paper a memory that Maya Angelou had of someone who held a great deal of significance to Author the words used to describe Mrs. Flowers “She was one of the few gentlewomen I have ever known, and has remained throughout my life the measure of what a human being can be” (Angelou, 1969) .
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