Their Eyes Were Watching God By Zora Hurston Essay

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Paul Comaskey World literature Professor Chisunka In the classic novel “Their Eyes Were Watching God” by Zora Hurston, Hurston has given unique distinctions on how three different men treat Janie and the effectiveness this will bring throughout Janie’s journey of life. Janie’s grandmother raised her as she grew into a woman. Nanny sparks Janie’s journey, to insure that she receives financial stability through marriage and she will not end up like her mother. Through the novel Janie wants independence but Nanny had different plans for Janie too marry right away. These three men Zora Hurston labels, play an enormous role in Janie’s life long pursuit for independence and to truly find herself. Hurston shows a demonstration on how a young man treats an older women with…show more content…
Whereas logan killicks treats her as if she was a farm animal and Jody does not let her interact with the outside world. Tea Cake makes Janie feel wanted by communicating and playing with her. Instead of making Janie miserable, Tea cake provides love and comfort by letting her express herself. Zora Hurston put this novel perfectly, love is an intense feel of deep affection. To love someone, one must let that person be who they truly are and love will come natural. “Janie mounted the stairs with her lamp. The light in her hand was like a spark of sun-stuff washing her face in fire” (Chp.20). Hurston Symbolizes the lamp as light hope and despair in a new journey for Janie who has finally found herself on the path to a happier life. Tea Cake has demonstrated throughout the novel that he is a gentlemen, loving a woman for who she truly is. Hurston is saying that there is hope for women today to be treated with integrity know a days, based on how young Tea cake and being married to an older women who has gone through two

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