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Marketing Environment Of The Coca Cola Company Essay

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Analyse the marketing environment of the Coca Cola Company and critically evaluate how the Coca-Cola Company is responding to its changing environment by adapting branding

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The Coca-Cola Company, the world’s leading manufacturer in the beverage industry, established in 1886 by the pharmacist John Pemberton in Atlanta, USA. Today the company operates globaly in more than 200 countries, with a portfolio of more than 3300 products and 1600 servings per day.
Coca-Cola’s mission is to create best quality products that will manage to inspire moments of optimism while they target to refresh the whole world.   The Coca-Cola Company uses effectively the marketing channels in cases like planning, pricing, promoting and distributing its products. The company has been operating successfully for over a century as it has carefully analyze the internal and the external business environment, in order to follow the most suitable marketing strategies that will asses effectively the external threats and opportunities. Coke’s effective evaluation about its internal and external environment preserves its survival in the soft drink industry (The Coca-Cola Company, Heritage,2011).

Assessing the Internal and External Business Environment
Coca-Cola’s internal environment offers efficiency in the production process, by using its personnel management skills and proper communication channels. The company manages to avoid inefficiencies in any phase of the production line as it constantly monitors the internal environment.
On the other hand the Coke’s external business environment can affect the whole company as it is consists of powerful forces, which can bring changes that create opportunities and threats in the beverages market, such forces are fluctuations, changing in consumers habits and values, law restrictions etc.
PESTEL Analysis
The pestel analysis is a powerful tool for evaluating the marketing environment as it looking in Political,...

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