Manslaughter Persuasive Speech

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On July 7th 2012, Thomas Kelly, 18 years old, was with his girlfriend walking down to Kings Cross. Suddenly, Kieran Loveridge, 19 years old, randomly king hit Thomas in the back of the head. “A single punched caused Thomas to hit the ground, blood pooling around his head.” As Quoted from DAILY TELEGRAPH NEWS on October 26th 2013. This was the cause of his death. For such a “senseless act of alcohol-fuelled violence” quoted from THE CONVERSATION titled THE THOMAS KELLY CASE. Kieran Loveridge pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was sentenced a minimum of four years jail time. Thomas wasn’t the first person Kieran Loveridge hit that night, nor was he the last. Kieran was quoted by the DAILY TELEGRAPH NEWS on OCTOBER 26TH stating, “was that one…show more content…
The maximum sentence for manslaughter in Australia is 25 years, so why are offenders only getting three to seven years? Today I am discussing The Sentencing Act and how the courts allow reoffending criminals to do the bare minimum. The Sentencing Act was published in 1991. This act provides the five purposes for sentencing adult offenders in…show more content…
Rehabilitation is To change their behaviour, so that the offender can become a valuable member of society once released. The Fourth is denunciation. Denuncation is defined as open and public condemnation so that the offender knows their conduct was totally inappropriate and deserved punishment. And finally the last purpose of The Sentencing Act is protection. This is the removal of the offender so that they are no longer a threat to others and therefore the community is protected from this anti-social behaviour. At a trail a Judge sits in Court hearing the evidence and defence of a serious crime. When that crime has meant the death of a person in violent circumstances, they have to take into account these 5 purposes. If the offender is found guilty the Judge has to weigh them up in making their judgement and sentencing the offender. Thomas Kelly’s friends and family were disgusted that Kieran only got a minimum of four years when he was sentenced in November last year. Quoted by the ABC NEWS on 14th November his mother stated: “How many children have to die before somebody does something to change these laws to make people accountable for what they do. Four years for your son’s

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