Manhood And Debut

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Essay the short story "Debut" by Kristin Hunter and "Manhood" by John Wain is about the two young teenagers named Judy and Rob, who are both being empowered by their parents. they would do anything just to please and make their parents happy. the authors talks about more in social, cultural, and gendered expectations and how the story was set in different times. both Mrs. Simmons and Mr. Willison who is Judy and Rob's parents tries to pressure their views on gender and their social expectations from their kids just for them to have a better lifestyle when they grow up. For example in the text, Judy's mum Mrs. Simmons tells her that "it is a battle… it starts tonight and it goes on for the rest of your life, and as for Robs dad Mr. Willison he tells his wife that "no son of mine is going to grow up with the same wretched that i.." in "Manhood" the protagonist, Rob who is a young thirteen year old boy is being pushed to the limit by his dad, who doesn't care about Rob's other interest and ambitions. His dad Mr. Willison thinks that he is doing the right thing as a dad and not knowing the consequences that will happen if he continues. Mr. Willison expects him to be a tough young athlete, healthy and aggressive and not to be weak and stubborn. But all that Rob wants is to be just a normal kid, and not going for a very long bike rides and playing football, like what his dad wanted him to do. Rob has no interest in those kind of sports or any sports at all, he is just doing them just to please his dad. As for Rob's dad Mr. Willison, he shouldn't have forced his son to do all these sports that he is not interested in and pressuring him. Mr. Willison's obsession of Rob doing all these things is making Rob tempting himself to lie about things, and its normal for a teenager to lie about things just to please their parents. The dominant reading is that Mr. Willison
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