Manage Recruitment Selection and Induction Processes Essay

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Written / Oral QuestionsTop of Form 1. List the main steps required to develop a recruitment, selection and/or induction policy or procedure. There are 7 steps to developing a policy or procedure, including: * planning * investigating * organising * writing the draft * reviewing and revising * testing * maintaining 2. What are some points to consider when communicating changes to policies or procedures? Whenever there are changes to policies or procedures, employees should sign that they acknowledge the changes. If a change in policy has a negative impact on an employee, perceived or real, the situation should be mediated with a responsible officer and the situation should be resolved as amicably as possible. Staff may need some training to allow them to comply with the changes in policy. The time it takes to go through this process will vary from person to person and between organisations. There is varying communication techniques required to enhance the attainment of each stage of the change process. 3. What are the main steps to ensuring compliance with legislation, policy, procedure and/or guidelines? * Ensuring that employees comply with legislation, policy, procedures and guidelines, requires consultation between the responsible officer and staff so that staff is made aware of and understand the policies. * Employees should be made fully aware of the processes with regards to the recruitment process. * Instructions must be publicised and provided to all existing and new employees with an explanation as to how staff can comply. The information can also be reiterated and discussed with staff regularly at staff meetings to ensure they remain relevant to staff. * Copies of policies should also be easily accessible and kept in folders in a central location or staff areas, in
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