Malcolm X: A Brief Summary

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Malcolm X was born in a time of segregation and poverty. He had only eight years of formal education but twenty six years of street life when arrested in 1946. X was incarcerated for the robbery and sentenced to seven years in prison. While in prison he put his time to good use and taught himself anything and everything. If X had never gone to prison it is doubtful he would have risen to such power. When X arrived at prison he realized there was no way for him to communicate with his mentor Mr. Elijah Muhammad. He had no way to express himself on paper so was created a drive to start a never ending self education. It started with a dictionary, a few pencils, and a pad of paper. X painstakingly copied every word out of that dictionary. As a result not only did he improve his penmanship his vocabulary had exploded. He understood what he…show more content…
He read about the atrocities and senseless violence of slavery that had ravaged his people for four hundred years. X read about rises to power with many left destroyed in its wake. Story after story about death and loss with little or no forgiveness and compassion. X pointed his finger in one direction for who was to blame. He believed white people were far less superior and the reason for so much violence. He believed that the white people used religion as a source of suffering and exploitation. For branding non-whites “pagans” or “heathens” in need of saving to conform to “civilized” lifestyle. In the end he started to focus on a change, a change for the rise of black power and cultural diversity. He knew it was more than civil rights his people deserved. He had found his calling in life to fight for the rights of those who had been oppressed for far too long. X began a human rights campaign believing everyone is deserving of the same liberties. Unfortunately Malcolm X was gunned down in his pursuit of knowledge and

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