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Analytical Paper – William Apess Daphin Smith 1/30/2014 HUM 3330 American Writers The story that I read was An Indian’s Looking-Glass for the White Man by William Apess. It was about how Apess felt that if you believed in Christianity, but separated the races, then you where a hypocrite. That this in fact,was not in the Bible at all. He questions about the if the whites was so important why are there more Indianans in the world. That they are judged by one God, and he will show know favor to either but people will. Apess also does a lot of arguing about prejudices, and why people are still holding them. All people are created equal and should be treated as such. In this case the white man was being an antagonist and I will explain in my paper why I feel this true. Apess begins his story talking about the conditions of the reservation that Indians are living in and having to deal with, and blames the white men for these conditions. This is due to them “supposedly” being the masters or overseers’ of the reservations. He talks about how the white men could care less if the Indians lived or died. That the white men would take a lot of the Indians vegetation and taking their timber which is of most value to the Indians or any other items for free and then selling it to get a profit for themselves off of it. He feels that with no education the Indians are feel they cannot take care of themselves or their land. Apess goes on to state about the white men claiming of how they are willing to give Indians rights and privileges and he discusses about how they need to protect their property and themselves by being in the Union. This is due to the whites being very overbearing and powerful and distrustful and the Indians would get taken advantage of by the white men. He goes on to talk about how the white men are the “superior race,” but how this could

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