Major Problems of Early America

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Major Problems Chapter 2 Documents 1. Alexander Hamilton Address the Convention a. What is Federal i. Grouping of independent states b. A national government must be set up so as to address the problems of the nation i. So that the states don’t indifferent themselves from each other ii. Gives us public strength and security c. Don’t trust the masses i. they are not the voice of God but turbulent and changing d. First class citizens must run the government i. Senators that serve for life e. President for life as well i. Less dangerous to liberties of people during life than seven years 2. James Madison Defends the New Federal Constitution a. Factions are going to develop in the Federal government b. Two ways of solving the problems of factions i. Removing its causes ii. Controlling its effects c. By removing its cause i. Destroying its liberty to exist ii. Giving into every cause, passion, and interest d. As long as man is fallible different opinions will be formed e. Factions can be a danger i. “Superior force of an overbearing majority” can cause harm to the rest ii. A large republic would be better to control these factions 1. Harder for “unworthy” statesmen to proceed with their “viscous arts” 3. Mercy Otis Warren Attacks the Constitution a. Beware the promises of the men who bring you this Constitution for they may use their future powers to give or take away freedoms b. We will see chaos because these men will be given powers greater than what our forefathers wanted i. Few men with all the power 1. They may help us, or they may enslave us c. Yes, there was a small uprising in one of the states but it did not spread, and it was taken care of. i. Doubtful of a full blown revolution d. Feels that the Articles of Confederation should be given more of a chance 4. Thomas Jefferson and James Madison Confront the Need for a Bill of
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