Major Depression Action Plan

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Running head: MAJOR DEPRESSION ARE WE LOST Major Depression are we Lost in Screening and Treatment NURS4386 Leadership in Nursing Cee June 10, 2008 Part I: Action Plan 1) Project Focus: Major depression- screening and treatment 2) Documenting Evidence: a. Questions to be considered within the evidence-based practice process. Within the initial year following diagnosis, will individuals eighteen and above who has been diagnosis with major depression improve from screening and treatment compared to clients without proper screening, treatment and follow-up. i. P (Patient Population of Interest): ages eighteen and above ii. I (Intervention of Interest): Improve screening…show more content…
(2005). Plan Points Physicians Toward Best Practices in Prescribing. Psychiatric News, Vol. 40 (5). Retrieved June 13, 2008 from |Mental health practitioners and advocates |Suggest guidelines and algorithms |Michigan |March 4, 2005 |Prescription and monitoring of drugs for clients with major depression |Project called Michigan Mental Health Evidence-Based Practice Initiative |Guidelines and algorithms recommendation to adopt Texas Implementation of Medication Algorithms |No follow-up of the presented proposal | |U.S. Preventive Services Task Force. (2002). Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Rockville, MD. |depressed adults and children |USPSTF concludes evidence is insufficient to recommend for or against screening |Rockvill, MD |1st 2002 |Major Depression is the fourth leading cause of worldwide disease in 1990 |Fourteen randomized, controlled trials |Screening improves the accurate identification of depressed patients in primary care settings |Limited evidence on accuracy and reliability of screening , effectiveness of therapy in primary care settings, lack of empirical data regarding adverse…show more content…
Major depression whether primary or secondary to disease process can lead to death. The UCLA Department of Medicine states “Depression disorders cause a substantial amount of under recognized morbidity and mortality in primary care patients.”(Silverman, (2004). Proper screening and treatment can produce better outcomes for soldiers, dependants, and adults eighteen and older. With the implementation of algorithms this plan will improve screening and treatment for major depression. (Mulligan, 2005).No nurse directed research was found. (Boswell & Cannon, 2007). No studies have proven beneficial for screening for children or adolescents (U.S. Preventive Task Force,

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