Madonna Enthroned Essay

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Chapter 16: Dropbox-Madonna Enthroned ------------------------------------------------- Write a short 500 word essay below. Topic: Compare and contrast the paintings of the Madonna Enthroned (Chapter 16: Pages 355-356 / Fig. 16-6 and 16-7) by Cimabue and Giotto. Be sure to discuss the related concepts of stability and weight. In comparing and contrasting Cimabue’s and Giotto’s Madonna Enthroned, the artist’s main idea of Madonna sitting on the throne is the same, however the forms used greatly differ. Both artists paint with a Gothic and Byzantine style with noticeable halos on the angels and a gold background. When contrasting these two pieces of art, the main difference is the placement of the figures of Madonna in each painting. In Cimabue’s, the Madonna looks as if she is sitting solidly, and the angels appear to be “stacked” around her in parallel form. In Giotto’s artwork, the angels in front appear closer, as the angels in the back row seem farther away giving an appearance of surrounding the Madonna. The angels were also facing the Madonna, giving the illusion of space. The angels faces appear more angelic and emotional. Another distinction between the two Madonna’s is that in Giotto’s work, the Madonna appears to be sitting on a flat platform with a roof over her head, whereas in Cimabue’s, the throne appears to be a curved platform. These two differences appear to add depth to the paintings, causing the figure to be closer to the viewer. Giotto’s Madonna seems firmly planted in her sitting position, whereas Cimabue’s appears to be
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